Painful Reason Individuals Don't Empathize

Tough Love, A Candid Conversation

 A raw one-on-one talk with you, from one friend to another. I think it's time someone tells you the truth others don't care enough to say. Because as a friend, it's my job and obligation to tell you the inconvenient truth; even if it causes a rift in our relationship. 

This Is How You Solve Problems Like Einstein

 The size of the problem isn't the issue. How long you sit with it, is... 

Variations of Love

There Are Many Ways To Show Love, But There's Only Way To Know It's Real

Check Your Values, Change Your Life, Live Your Dreams

 The Alignment of Your Values Match The Life You Currently Live, Not The One You Dreamed Of

Do You Really Have Haters?

The Easiest Thing To Do Is Hate. The Hardest Is To Appreciate, Participate, And Commend