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About Me

"If not now, When? If not you, Who?"

 I believe we all have a story to tell though at times we can't find the words or confidence to express it. Truth is, we've all made mistakes. However, if we care enough, through the simple act of self-improvement and consciously living, we can learn how to make them right. 

After growing up in the slums to the suburbs. Being in gangs to consultant. Experiencing parental abuse. Not understanding how to love or cope with heartbreak. Creating financial prosperity and losing it. All while living the mental and emotional traumas in between. I've decided to write a book about it to help others.

Now on this new journey in life. I have the daily privilege of using my words and philosophical understanding of all these experiences to help guide and consult others to their intended happiness and success.  

Why I Started My Journey...

 After commencing the process of picking myself up from rock bottom. There came a point in my life when I had to finally make peace with myself and my past. Once I understood I was able to choose which brick I'd lay first to restart construction on a new foundation; I began to focus on the triggers that used to put me in a perpetual cycle of personal self-destruction. It was then when I also notice distinct similar patters, although in variations, within other people.

Using my experiences, now guided by refocused intelligence and self-improvement. I began to mentor and counsel others I felt needed someone to hear them out while also being receptive to an alternative point of view. I slowly realized how effective and accurate my straight forward deductions were consistently becoming. I finally decided to take my ability to help others seriously. Over the years I've given people my perspective on a plethora of personal issues while empathetically doing my best to help them understand not only their circumstance, but also the behavioral patterns which have kept them stuck in an unwanted cycle of failure.

At times it can be uncomfortable unfolding ignored truths - many of us have tried to dismiss. We eventually wake up and realize it's better to go around the obstructive wall rather than keep trying to go though it. This was the purpose I soon came to discover as my role; as I improved so did my desire to bring others along. I'm humbled and moved by their kind words. My mission in life is to reach out to as many people willing to take a chance at accepting a helping hand that's willing to assist them on the path they've always intended to pave out of life... 

My Focus

Literacy & Expression

 As many great men have done in our past without college degrees. I've eagerly educated myself on how to express my ideas, emotions, and views of life through deep thought and articulate formats. This has given me the privilege to express topics others find difficult to. 


 Constantly challenging my philosophical understanding of human behavior along with my personal experiences and downfalls. Have helped many through their adversities in love direction, relationship understanding, and financial stability - giving hope to life. 

Public Speaking

 I've been fortunate enough to be invited to speak in colleges, rehab centers, and high schools. My life experiences and background can provide motivation, direction, and client relations to any organization or company seeking improvement. 

First Lecture_11/19/15 - UW-Stout

I provide a brief description of my life, from childhood to where I currently am now. Video ends at sixteen, living in a homeless shelter. I gave the students small clips of what my upcoming book goes deep in, and reconstructs into a guide on how to overcome - any adversity in life.  The class criteria emphasized on what led to my life in the criminal justice system, and what difficulties I encountered searching for gainful employment.

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Carlos Ricard

Eau Clarie, WI

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